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Amber Alert

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well I guess a Date has been set for a Truckers Strike or Shut Down March 24,2008

Well, I guess we all knew this day was coming. I didn't really think it would catch on too much. But I have been hearing a LOT of talk about this particular date.

The DATE IS March 24th, 2008 a lot of Truckers are calling for a shut down for the week. They are asking mostly Owner/Operators to participate, BUT all are welcome! Most company drivers will not be able to participate in this, as they do not own their trucks, and have to do as the company says.

I wish all who participates good luck with it. I will try to participate if I can, but I am also a company driver, and if I am told to go then i must go down the road.

You can go to a couple different sites to get information on this. Go here and here .


Frederick (SilverSurfer) Schaffner said...

Professional drivers are asking American citizens to participate in the "National Shut-Down"

This is an issue effecting all of us and we MUST take a stand NOW. Our government IS a major contributing factor in the outrageous price of fuel...we must take this action to get their attention. All other avenues has only fallen on deaf ears - our government is ignoring the will, and needs, of the American people.