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Amber Alert

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More heavy rain and severe weather


The combination of severe thunderstorms and flooding rain will threaten areas from Central Texas to the Lower Mississippi River Valley today.

In addition, gusty winds will complicate matters over much of the South as the area of low pressure strengthens.

The thunderstorms will evolve into a squall late tonight into tomorrow with damaging winds and hail becoming the primary threats, although a few tornadoes may still be possible.

Locally heavy rain will also be a threat tomorrow and tomorrow night, but rainfall intensity is not expected to be quite as great as today and tonight.

By Thursday, all that will be left of this system in the South will be some isolated storms over the Florida Peninsula.

More rain is expected to move into the region over the weekend: Saturday in Oklahoma, and Sunday from the Rio Grande to the Virginia Coast.

Highs today will range from around 50 in North Central Texas to the 80s in Deep South Texas and much of the Florida Peninsula.

Highs tomorrow will range from around 50 in northwestern Tennessee to the 80s in the Rio Grande Valley, the Florida Peninsula and the Georgia and southern South Carolina Coast.

Midwest -

Heavy rain will inundate parts of the Ohio Valley over the next 36 hours, where five or more inches of rain is possible through Wednesday evening.

Flooding will be a concern with rivers already near bank full from heavy rains and snow melt over the last couple of months.

Rain should wrap up by Wednesday evening, with some lingering snows near the Great Lakes on Thursday.

A pair of weak systems will bring a chance of rain and snow over the region late week and over the weekend.

Highs today will range from the 30s in the Upper Mississippi Valley and near the western Great Lakes to the 60s in the Ohio Valley.

Highs tomorrow will range from the 20s in northwestern North Dakota to the 60s in the Central Plains and eastern Kentucky.

Northeast -

Rain and snow will begin to move into the interior Northeast today.

As the system in the Central U.S. approaches tomorrow, rain will increase in intensity especially over western Pennsylvania.

Snow in the mountains will change to rain, with snow and a wintry mix possible in Northern New England.

Precipitation will change over to snow late Wednesday night into Thursday, with some lingering snow showers near the Great Lakes on Thursday and Friday.

The weekend should be mostly dry, with a few showers near the Mason-Dixon Line.

Highs today will range from the 30s in northern Maine and northern New York State to the 60s in western West Virginia.

Highs tomorrow will range from the 30s in Northern New England and northern New York State to around 70 on the Delmarva Peninsula.


A persistent westerly wind will continue to pump moisture into the Pacific Northwest, and keep the chances of rain and mountain snow going all the way through the weekend.

Snow levels are expected to stay around 3000 feet over the next couple of days in the Cascades.

The Southwest should remain dry through the weekend with warmer than average temperatures.

Highs today and tomorrow will range from around 30 near Yellowstone National Park to the 80s in the Lower Colorado River Valley.

Highs will approach 90 in southwestern Arizona tomorrow.