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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trucks belong in the right lane

Oh boy!, here we go again. Another hell bent reporter against truck driver's. I ask you why do you want to pick on the tractor trailers? I will answer this for you. Because we are a easy target, nobody likes trucks being on the highways anymore. Well I gotta say this, if there were no trucks on the highways then you would not have a DAMN thing you own today!

Here we have a reporter that has nothing better to do than to go on and harp about 18 wheelers speeding and not running in the right lane. Well let's decipher this ignorant news reporter's article shall we?

Over the years I have observed the millions that has been wasted by the Department of Transportation on thousands of signs that state that truck speed is 55 mph. This because the Highway Patrol chooses not to enforce this law.
OK, so he rides around in his car with a radar gun shooting all these speeding "18 wheelers" while all the time he is obeying his posted speed limit as well? Then blames the Highway patrol for doing nothing about it.

Whether this is at the direction of the patrol supervisor or the governor's office is unknown because the area commander of the CHP chose not to answer my letter regarding this matter. I mention the governor's office because the trucking industry lobby contributes to the governor's slush fund; thus he will most likely meet their needs.
Yea, I am sure this happens even with the "new NO IDLE law that just came about! Buddy, I will guarantee you that truck drivers in California would rather be able to idle their trucks to sleep in comfort than to pay the Governor off in his so called "slush fund" so they can speed up and down the highway.

OK, I will let you people read the entire article of lies and you decide for yourself.

The lies are located here