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Monday, January 14, 2008

Truck Possibly Hauling Asbestos Overturns

A tractor-trailer believed to have been carrying asbestos-contaminated material hit a median divider and overturned on the Clearview Expressway near the Long Island Expressway about 3 p.m. on Sunday, the police said. What makes these drivers want to drive a truck, if they are not legal? It never made any sense to me, because they are in a job where the police can stop you for anything. We are constantly being watched, and yet these guys want jobs driving trucks.

Cleanup efforts lasted late into the night, and traffic was snarled for hours on both highways. The driver, identified as Artur Gaska, 39, initially fled but returned and was arrested on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident, the police said.

It really amazes me when they catch truck drivers trying to smuggle drugs into the US. How freaking dumb is that? "Oh yea, billy bob I will bring them their drugs up from Mexico for ya" I guess in this Industry we can say we have all kinds..