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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Truck falls off Interstate 95

Standing outside Maggie L. Walker Governor's School yesterday, Tony Daniels surveyed the mangled tractor-trailer that had fallen 21 feet from an Interstate 95 overpass.

The tractor-trailer veered off Interstate 95 in downtown Richmond late yesterday morning, crashing onto a grassy area behind the school near Leigh and Lombardy streets.

As Richmond police and firefighters at the wreck site walked by him, a few offered Daniels a pat on the shoulder and their compliments.

Some called him a hero.

But Daniels, an eastern Henrico County resident, says his actions weren't heroic, just the instinctive response of an average man who saw people in need.

"I was just trying to help out, that's it," he said.

When Daniels heard screams from inside the tractor-trailer's cab, he stopped his car to help, he said. When he tore open the already shredded fiberglass roof, he found a male driver and his wife trapped inside.

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