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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Washington bill targets unsafe intrastate truckers

Unsafe trucking companies are the subject of a bill headed to Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire’s desk.

The Senate voted 42-4 to approve a bill – HB1304 – that would make it easier to shut down trucking operations in the state with faulty trucks and people who drive them recklessly. The House then voted 82-11 to sign off on changes to the bill, clearing the way for the bill to head to the governor.

Washington state law currently allows companies operating solely intrastate to avoid many of the same tough requirements as those companies that operate interstate.

I don't see a damn thing wrong with a bill like this, do you? This is one thing that needs to be addressed nationwide if it is not already. Especially if these Mexican Trucks start running.
I mean I used to hate to go to Texas, and run through some of those hole in the wall towns close to the border, where the trucks would have the fenders flopping all over. Scared the hell out of me to be on the highway with them.

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