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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Toronto Man Shaken By Near Miss When Ice Smashes Windshield

A Toronto man was shaken but alright after a massive chunk of ice slid off the back of a truck and into his windshield at Highway 427 and Derry Rd. Tuesday.

The piece of ice, described as "pizza-sized," slipped off the tractor-trailer he was driving behind and crashed into the passenger side of his windshield shattering more than half of it.

The driver, Mike, said he never had a chance to swerve out of the way.

"The tractor had just entered the highway so he was going like 90 (kilometres) and I was going 90 behind him" the young man recalled. "I don't even want to change lanes because there could be another car beside me ... I'd rather get hit than get into a big accident."

Experts say that sort of thing is hardly uncommon and that during periods of fluctuating temperatures when lots of snow has fallen it's always a good idea for drivers to leave plenty of extra space between them and large trucks.