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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Operation Safe Trucking

You drive next to them everyday and your child's school bus shares the roadway with them. - Commercial trucks that weigh thousands of pounds. What if that truck had bad brakes or bald tires? Cape Coral police officers are hitting the road--trying to stop truckers, with unsafe rigs.

"We've had trucks go off the road here, lose control, blowing tires," says Mikal Johaaski of the Cape Coral Police Department.

Johaaski and other officers are trying to keep trucks like that off the road and out of commission.

It's called operation safe trucking. Officers randomly stops commercial vehicles driving through the Cape.

"We'll look for vehicles out of inspection or over weighted," says Officer Dan White.

"I've seen some trucks with more than 30 violations on it," says Johaaski.

"The most important thing, make sure they are safe," says White.

If something isn't up to code, the driver is told to fix it or he or his company faces a fine.

"They can go from $15 to $20 dollars to thousands," says White.

If a hefty fine doesn't deter companies maybe another stop will. Officers plan to do operation safe trucking once a month.