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Friday, March 14, 2008

NxtGen :: New Technology to Reduce Diesel Emissions

Officials from the Government of Canada, EnCana Corporation TSX: ECA NYSE: ECA and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) announced today they are committing $5.5 million in financing to a NxtGen Emission Controls project which demonstrates an innovative diesel emission reduction system.

NxtGen's syngas technology will assist diesel trucks in complying with stringent global emission reduction regulations and has the potential to enable manufacturers to increase fuel economy. When retrofitted onto existing trucks, NxtGen's system is expected to reduce particulate emissions by 85 percent and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 65 percent.

This new technology for diesel trucks is similar to catalytic converters for gasoline vehicles."This technology is an example of the kind of forward thinking that will help ensure Canada remains at the forefront of clean technologies, that will reduce air pollution and our greenhouse gas emissions," said the Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources.

"The partnership we see here is a great example of how our Government is encouraging innovation, making sure Canadians have the opportunity to enjoy the full environmental and economic benefits of these technologies."The project supported by EnCana and SDTC involves field trials of NxtGen's diesel emission reduction technology on medium and heavy duty trucks.

The systems are being retrofitted onto 12 trucks in three fleets across Canada, including three heavy duty trucks owned by Mullen Trucking LP, one of EnCana's key transportation providers in Alberta."NxtGen looks forward to working with EnCana and SDTC as we put our diesel emission control technology to the test in real world operations," says Jeremy Holt, NxtGen Emission Controls President and CEO. "

The support provided by EnCana and SDTC comes at a pivotal time for NxtGen. The field trials will enable us to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of NxtGen's syngas emission reduction system for diesel trucks."

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