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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EZ Pass coming to Ohio turnpike August of 2009

New fare system to be in place by August of 2009.....

"EZ Pass" is finally coming to the Ohio Turnpike!

The Turnpike Commission has agreed to go with the system that allows drivers to quickly move through tollgates without getting fare tickets or paying tolls with cash.

A transponder in your car deducts from a pre-paid account, and allows easy traveling through 21 states with toll roads that already use EZ Pass.

Turnpike Spokesman Lauren Hakus says they hope to have EZ Pass up and running in August of 2009. EZ Pass is already in use on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Indiana plans to start it this year.

The plan is to have dedicated EZ Pass lanes, as well as some mixed use lanes. There will likely be a gate that will rise when it reads your transponder. If you don't have EZ Pass, the gate will remain down until a fare ticket can be issued.



John said...

EZ Pass is a wonderful device to use, I am glad to see that Ohio is finally going to use it.

It appears that there is a typo, only 12 states currently accept it.

This link shows the states that are currently using EZPass: