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Sunday, March 9, 2008

CHANGE CAREERS: Become a Truck Driver

Are you unemployed? Or have you worked in an office for years and want something different to do to earn a living?Are you unemployed? Or have you worked in an office for years and want something different to do to earn a living? I know Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers, CEO’s, etc. who have decided that after years of service that they were either tired of it, or just didn’t think that their field was worth it anymore.

They are now truck drivers, going all over the country sight seeing and getting paid for it.Anyone can be become a truck driver, provided they are not felons and are not alcoholics or drug abusers. All you have to do is get in touch with an accredited truck driving school. Most company’s now that will only hire from these type of truck driving schools.

Just as when you try to go to work anywhere nowadays you must pass a pretty extensive background check to even be considered for these truck driving schools. Once you get accepted to the school, the first thing you will be required to do is a Drug Test. This is the first of many Drug Test you will endure through out your new career as a Truck driver.

The next step is a DOT Physical, this requirement is to make sure you are physically able to be a Truck Driver. You may want to read through what is involved in the Physical because this is what disqualifies most people from getting into a Truck Driving School.Now that you have this out of the way, you must find a way to pay for this school. Some companies will give you a pre-hire letter. This means that they will offer to pay for this school upfront but you must agree to stay on employed with them until the debit has been paid, usually within a year or so. They will take this out of your check, each week.

Now you have your pre-hire letter and everything is set, the school has called you and set up a time for you to get started. Most schools will provide you with a way to get to the school, and a motel/hotel for you to stay in while in school. Of course you are the one paying for this. They will most likely provide transportation to and from their school to the motel/hotel and DOT physical and Drug Test.Let’s say you will arrive on Sunday before school begins on Monday. You get checked into the motel/hotel, go swimming, get something to eat etc. but do something relaxing.

Because when the school begins it is grueling, they only have 3 weeks to teach you.This is broke down into part classroom work and then part yard/road training.

Here is a table I created from PTDI a school that come highly recommended.

1. Basic Operation - includes Orientation, Control systems, vehicle inspection, basic control, shifting, backing and docking, coupling and un-coupling. 18(22) hours of classroom and 24(29) hours for range and street/road driving. 2. Safe operating practice for Basic Operation - includes visual search, vehicle communication, speed management, space management. 8(10) hours classroom and 17(20) hours street/road driving. 3. Advanced Operating Practices - includes night operations, extreme Driving conditions, Hazard perception, Emergency manuvers/Skid avoidance, Skid control and recovery, Passive (unmarked or uncontrolled) railroad crossings. 14(17) hours of classroom and 3(4) hours of yard/driving. 4. Vehicle Systems and reporting malfunctions - includes Identification and Maintenance, Diagnosing and Reporting malfunctions. 6(7) hours of classroom and 0(0) hours of yard/driving. 5. Non Vehicle activities - includes Handling and Documenting Cargo, Environmental issues, Hours of service requirements, Accident procedures, Managing life on the road/Personal Resources, Trip Planning, Communication Skills.43(52) hours of classroom and 0(0) hours of yard/driving.

This is a total of 148 hours minimum and 178 hours maximum. This school will teach you the basics of truck driving, they will most likely teach enough to know to get your CDL License.So if you can pass a Drug Test, and DOT physical and are not a felon or a drug abuser, and you want to change careers give Truck Driving a chance.