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Amber Alert

Thursday, February 21, 2008

News Reporters and their “Stories” about Truck drivers

This is a subject that really irritates me to no end. I come across “stories” written by news reporters, that in fact you can tell by reading them they made them upThey did not go out and talk to any real Truck Drivers to get the real “story”. Because they know nobody would read them except a real truck driver. The most recent article was in reference to truckers dodging the scales.

The reporter talked to one truck driver! Then to a guy from NORWAY! and of course to the Texas DPS officer and a person who I might add was completely wrong in who pays for the roads. Wow four people, and came to a conclusion that truckers were dodging the scales. You can view the video and see for your self.

KXAN news is just one of many news agencies I see that do this, they make the story sound worse than it really is. I have in the passed went around weigh stations just because it is very time consuming.

The website they reference to is a very good website, it is chucked full of very good information. Coops Are Open visit them and see!