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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Woman killed when car, semi collide on I-80 near Iowa City

A Wilton woman was killed this morning when the car in which she was riding collided head-on with a semi tractor-trailer in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80 just east of Iowa City. Meghan Vanzandt-Miller, 33, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Iowa State Patrol preliminary report.

The accident happened just before 6 a.m. about two miles east of Iowa City, near the Herbert Hoover Highway interchange. Joshua Miller, 30, of Wilton, was driving westbound, lost control of the Chevy Trailblazer and crossed the median into oncoming traffic, the report states.

A semi struck the passenger’s side of the SUV.

Miller and 9-year-old Tenley Miller were transported to University Hospitals.Source


Anonymous said...

the child, Tenley, is 9 months, not 9 years.

Anonymous said...

as stated the baby was 9 months, the mom was 7 months pregnant and the father also lost his life, our prayers are with the family.

Anonymous said...

I have only lived in Iowa for 6 months. The total lack of disregard for snow/ice removal on I80 is unbelievable! The government agencies responsible for road conditions should be ashamed of themselves. How about using a little road salt once in awhile there guys?! How many people have to die on I80 before the state of Iowa realizes it needs to get its priorities straight and spend more on road safety than other issues that may be more glamourous,but really not as important?(ie,politics, caucusing) My sympathies to the families involved. Your family members died because the state of Iowa just does not care!

Anonymous said...

The father, Josh, was stable as of 10:00 last night. Keep your thoughts and prayers with him and baby Tenley.

Anonymous said...

The father, Josh, did not lose his life. He is still in critical but stable condition. Please be considerate of the family at such a difficult time and make sure you have your facts straight before spreading news around!