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Monday, January 14, 2008

Truck Driver Barely Escapes Tons Of Falling Steel

A truck driver was injured when steel trusses fell from a crane and crushed the tractor-trailer he had just exited. The accident occurred around 10 a.m. Monday on the construction site of Casino Snoqualmie near North Bend.

A spokesman for the Snoqualmie tribe said a mobile crane was unloading steel trusses from a tractor trailer when possible metal fatigue caused a problem in the crane mast and caused the trusses to fall onto the tractor-trailer, crushing the cab.

The spokesman said the truck driver had just exited the cab when the accident occurred.

Video from Chopper 7 showed a steel truss resting on top of the crushed cab of the tractor-trailer.

The driver, who was standing next to the truck at the time of the accident, was struck in the head by a piece of debris.

He was transported to Overlake Hospital and is expected to be OK.Source