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Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Web site launched to help truckers passing through Alabama

Alabama has rolled out a new Web site for truckers to serve as a one-stop portal for truckers passing through the state. It will include safety issues, road rules and notice of Alabama regulations - all topics that have been discussed at length in recent years after several major tractor-trailer accidents on state roads.

The state's Information Services Division launched the site, www.trucking.alabama.gov, this week with many other features, such as online payment of trip and fuel permits and maps of the state that identify welcome centers, rest areas, emergency road closures and more, said a news release.

"Trucking is integral to all facets of the Alabama economy," said Jim Burns, the state's chief information officer. "We want to make traveling in and dealing with Alabama as convenient as possible for truckers so that they can transport goods without undue delays or hardship. The trucking portal provides everything needed in a convenient, easy-to-use location and it shows our appreciation for the vital contributions to Alabama that are made by the trucking community."

Set up of the site was free to the state through its contract with Alabama Interactive. Source