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Amber Alert

Friday, January 25, 2008

I will not be around for a while

My job that I had as a dump truck driver has really went down hill here in the North East part of Ohio. So I must do what is best for myself, and that is get another job. In order to do this though, I must move. There are no jobs availible here in the winter, so I am moving south.
I am moving back to Kentucky, where I was born and raised. I have several jobs lined out down there. Today I will be going to get the uhaul and plan on loading it today and leaving first thing in the morning.
We should be back online within a few days, so if you make a comment to any of these post they will not be accepted until I come back online.

Other news around here is. When we do come back online, stay tuned for some major changes to evolve around here. Anyway take care and be safe out on the road, till we can do it again!