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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

California can Deny drivers based in California Registration if cited for idiling more than 5 minutes

Truck drivers,owners, and companies based in California can be denied registration ,renewals, and transfers if they have been cited idling for more than 5 minutes. California began enforcing Jan. 1 2008 a new idling limit that no longer exempts sleeper-berth time, though it does exempt idling of trucks carrying temperature-dependent loads, performing safety or maintenance checks and “to prevent a health emergency.”

The state can deny registrations, renewals, and transfers until the citation has been cleared.

Karen Caesar, a spokeswoman for the California Air Resources Board has stated that the local police have been giving the authority to write citations for idiling for more than 5 minutes.

This could really hurt truck drivers, owners, and companies if the citation were to fall on or around the same time as their registration does. Because how long will it take for the court to clear it?