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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Truckers victimized by insurance fraud

A woman who ran a Long Beach, CA, company called International Commercial Insurance has been sentenced to more than four years in prison for allegedly defrauding five trucking companies.

According to a California Department of Insurance press release, 44-year-old Yvette Diaz and a coworker took more than $13,000 in premiums from truckers, then kept the money and issued bogus proof-of-insurance documents.

The coworker was ordered to do 30 days of community service.


This kind of action is what irritates me about trucking. Here are these trucking companies just out trying to make a dollar, and then somebody frauds them.

The coworker took $13000.00 dollars off of truckers, and gets 30 days probation? It's not right the coworker is as big a thief as the other one, they should have gotten equal punishments.