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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Truckers Unhappy With Plan For Mexican Trucks in U.S.

The President's trucking pilot program to allow Mexican trucks to drive on U.S. highways is getting poor reviews amongst local truck drivers in Southern Colorado.

The plan would allow one hundred Mexican trucking companies to deliver goods throughout the United States. The plan is meant to improve trade between the two countries. Previously, Mexican truck drivers could only deliver goods within a 20-mile radius of U.S. borders.

But for truck drivers in Southern Colorado, the plan is a bad idea, as area drivers believe Mexican trucks are unsafe.

"What's happening is a lot of big truck companies in the states are replacing their fleet, so what's happening is Mexicans are buying all this old junk," truck driver Rob Scott Says.

Scott, and other truck drivers parked at a Fountain truck stop, say they've driven by Mexican trucks near the border and believe those trucks are poorly maintained.

"They'll have a leak in the break lines, so instead of fixing the line, they'll just block the line off so it doesn't leak."

Scott also believes unsafe trucks could cause more accidents in the United States.

The plan calls for U.S. inspectors to perform safety checks on any Mexican truck entering the Untied States to ensure it meets U.S. safety standards. Still, Scott says that's not good enough, and is concerned unsafe trucks will get through U.S. borders regardless.