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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Police Warn Drivers About Truck Stop Scam

WHITELAND, Ind. - Before you get in your car this holiday weekend, police have a warning for you. It's a bizarre scam they say is happening at truck stops throughout the Midwest.

If you stop at a truck stop, get out of your car, and you're approached by a group of men who give you the chance to win money in some kind of "too good to be true" gambling game, beware. Three times in the last two months, a group of thieves has scammed drivers out of money at truck stops off the I-65 Whiteland exit.

"They just get the people to produce the money, and once they see it, they just grab it from the individuals and they take off," said Major Steve Byerly with the Johnson County Sheriff's Department.

He says the scam starts with the victim being lured into some type of gambling or easy numbers game in the back of the truck stop where the trucks are parked.

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