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Amber Alert

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Nation's Weather

Winter-like conditions spread snow across the Northern Plains and Upper Mississippi Valley early Tuesday, while thunderstorms raked across the Deep South. The Rockies, too, were to be snowy.

Snow was forecast across the Dakotas, Minnesota, northern Iowa, and western Wisconsin, with some places getting as much as 6 inches and dealing with wind gusts up to 65 mph.

Further south, widespread rain with scattered thunderstorms was predicted for the Central Plains and mid-Mississippi Valley. Some strong thunderstorms may be capable of producing hail and gusty winds.

A persistent warm front over the northern Gulf of Mexico was expected to lift northward over the next two days, creating showers and thunderstorms throughout the Gulf states and Florida. Southern Louisiana and Mississippi, in particular, can expect heavier rainfall amounts with a potential for hail and gusty winds.

Out West, scattered snow showers were forecast over parts of the Rockies and High Plains. More coastal rain and mountain snow was looming over the Pacific Northwest.

Cloudy skies and scattered drizzle were in store over upstate New York and northern New England. Dry weather was expected for the Intermountain West, Desert Southwest, as well as California.

Elsewhere, a storm system was expected to race northeastward from northern Texas and Oklahoma to Missouri and Arkansas, producing scattered showers and thunderstorms along its path.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states on Monday ranged from a low of minus-8 degrees at Wakefield, Mich., to a high of 97 degrees at Death Valley, Calif.