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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Long live the King's of the Road!

Wouldn't it be cool to become a truck driver? Well a few years ago I would have said yes in a heart beat! Back when I became a truck driver, it was a worthy job to have. Now days it would have to pay an awful lot or get me home everyday, before I would consider being a OTR driver (Over The Road). You used to be able to drive for as many hours as you wanted to, if you did not get caught. Now days it is almost impossible to drive what they allow you to drive, 11 hours.

I can remember driving from Cincinnati,OH. to Texarkana,TX. then not being able to sleep getting up and driving on to Brownsville,TX, then grabbing a shower and driving back to Dallas,TX before ever laying down to sleep.

Not today you won't do this. The trucking industry is going down hill fast. Truck Drivers are actually quitting to go to work elsewhere, where they can make more money with a LOT less headache.

For those of you who have never had the privilege of setting inside a cab of a tractor trailer, and driving for hours you don't know what you are missing. I hear people complain about their job inside a factory or office, where they ONLY work for 8 hours and go home.

Well have a bad day on the road 3000 miles away from your home and see how you feel! We as truck drivers are not just professional steering wheel holders. There is a LOT more too driving a 18 wheeler than most people even know.

We are constantly looking out for the safety of others. Why would I intentionally put my job at risk for running over you? I have been reading a lot here lately how the Mexican Truckers are starting to drive here in the US as well.

But then the very next article I read is this truck was pulled over and 1100 pounds of pot is found. Then they give the name of the driver and he is Mexican.

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