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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Indiana Toll Road discount only for certain Hoosiers

Illinois residents, no matter how often they use the Indiana Toll Road, will not be eligible for a toll discount. That discount will be reserved for residents of seven counties in Indiana once electronic tolling becomes a reality later this year.

Why should Illinois residents receive a discount, what about Ohio residents? I am not a fan of Toll roads at all, I avoid them at all times whenever possible. Seems, from reading the article that maybe Illinois would have received the discount, if they would have applied for it earlier.

Who's fault is that? Why complain now? It is too late for that now.

The discounts do not apply to trucks, regardless where the truck owners live.

This is bullshit, I believe if that trucker lives in Indiana and that is where that truck stays then he should receive a discount also. I believe all the trucks should receive a discount or not pay at all, being we deliver shit to their state for their livelihood.

Read more about it here; Indiana Toll Road discount only for certain Hoosiers