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Amber Alert

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Back to work driving a truck

I will be returning to the work field in a couple weeks (or as soon as the weather breaks) still cold and snowy here.
I have driven trucks for 10 years, and Nov.29,2005 I was hurt on the job. I have a neck injury, the hood of a truck slammed shut on me as I was removing a lifting strap from the front axle.

My company has been screwing with me for several months now. My lawyer is taking care of this for me.
I am going back to driving a dump truck now, this is how I started out driving and I really enjoyed it.
I will be driving a 6 axle Sterling dump truck! I am going to be hauling mostly blacktop but with some hauls being rock also.

Just a word on getting hurt on the job......DON'T DO IT! My company was and still is a self insured workers comp company and they really SUCK! You have to fight tooth and nail to get anything out of them.

All they want to do is send you to " their " DR. and pay him $1000.00 to say their is nothing wrong with you.
Well I finally have proof of my injury, and they will NOT accept the claims.

So we are in the middle of going to court over it now. We will just have to wait and see what happens.